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Taman Amertha was founded by local Balinese owner with years of experience in travel industry with thorough understanding on the need of current travellers, complemented with his passion to give experience on staying in tropical island with Balinese feeling, but without putting aside professionalism and quality service.

Taman Amertha freely translated as evergreen garden, a never-die source of living, in-line with the Hindu concept of living, Tri Hita Karana, to pay respect on the environment, so you will find that morning is always started with offering, feels the fragrance smell of aromatic incenses and our gardens are having various plants that are believed to have many health functions, both preventive and curative.

Our team are mostly from the area and surrounding villages, so they are so happy to have you experience their place, always come with smiles and would always love to give assistance whenever needed.

The foods provided by our kitchen are always fresh and from the local markets around, this way you would have contributed indirectly to the local economy.

Taman Amertha team keep humbly hope that all our guests would have great times and memorable stay, and continue being Amertha family every time they plan for a Bali visit, salam Canti, peace in every part of your life.