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Body Massage

Whether you would love only to stay in or explore the island tempting activities, dont miss a treatment with our theraphist to calm the feeling, relax, and re-energized to be able to enjoy the island to the utmost..

Transfer and Tour Services

We are in-cooperation with local transport from the village, so when there is a need of transportation from or to the villa from any point you may speak with our team for the arrangement. 

The island is having so many places of interest for you to explore and the tours may be designed and customized as per your preference with a pre-tour meeting with our recommended tour planner/ guide.


Our restaurant is using Joglo, the old Javanese wooden building, and is named “Kelor” or moringa oliefera, the native plant of India which you can find almost everywhere now in the island. Kelor is superfood with so many health benefits, both preventive and curative, and some of our foods come with kelor leaves picked up directly from our garden, and the rest are selection of Indonesian and Western that are fresh and tasty to keep your good mood during your times with us.